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Charity Concert

The Classical Music Concert was a huge success. The musicians performed some very outstanding music that received a lot of praise from the audience. The rest of the Vision team worked hard to prepare the concert and did a great job during the time of the concert in keeping everything organized. We were able to [...]

Charity Concert

A charity concert is coming up in a few days. Classical music will be played by some of the best performers in town. Three non-profit organizations (One Wish, Wadi, and Preemptive Love Coalition) will be invited and thanked for their hard work in the community. Donation boxes will be present to raise money for the [...]

Some Updates

Our Translation project has been finally finished. We’re now in the process of publishing it soon.   Regarding our Library Project, we now have 2500+ books of quality content in the many different genres here in Slemani. We’re working on finalizing a place so that people can start borrowing the books we do have. We [...]